About Us

Solarit is a Solar Energy Consulting firm providing specialized services at every stage of the Solar PV plant cycle, that is, design, installation and operation. We help investors, owners and lenders derive maximum value out of their investment in solar energy by having high-quality benchmarks and using best industry standards. We develop, engineer, procure, construct, and operate solar power plants and projects, to help clients in institutional, industrial, commercial and non-profit sectors use solar energy more intelligently and efficiently.



Founder: Harish Kumar

The founder Harish Kumar is a senior professional who has worked for more than twenty-seven years in leading companies like Schneieder, TVS, Sukam, Haier etc. He has deep expertise in civil construction, supply chain, purchase and technology. He is an engineer with a PGDMM.




Chief Advisor: Salil Sahu

Salil Sahu, Director in Healthathon Tech Pvt Ltd, is the Chief Advisor to the company. He is a BE and MBA from IIM with high-quality experience and a track-record of achievements in leading FMCG and retail organizations. He was CEO of a retail business till April 2016. He helps in strategy and organization building.



Operations Leadership: 

The team has a blend of project and solar specialists. There are design, civil and electrical engineers who are well-trained and committed. It is led by an experienced engineering professional. The senior team is supported by Surya-Mitra and ITI trained technicians who are well-versed in all the challenges of project management and execution.