About Us



  • Solarit strongly believes in its set of values
  • Safety, Quality, Cost-effectiveness and Excellence : Everything and Every time
  • Long term over the short
  • Relationships not transactions
  • People, Planet, Profits in that order



Solarit energy started operations in January 2016 by a senior professional Mr. Harish Kumar when he saw the need for a company that can provide high class services and good value. In a very short span of time it has executed several flawless projects with prestigious clients in all aspects of the solar value chain.

Team : 

The team consist of a mix of energetic and talented engineers and technicians. We hire Surya Mitra trained technicians. The team undergoes a thorough training to sharpen their skills.


Founder: Harish Kumar

The founder Harish Kumar is a senior professional who has worked for more than twenty-seven years in leading companies like Schneieder, TVS, Sukam, Haier etc. He has deep expertise in civil construction, supply chain, purchase and technology. He is an engineer with a PGDMM.






Advisor: Salil Sahu

Salil Sahu, Director in Healthathon Tech Pvt Ltd, is the Chief Advisor to the company. He is a BE and MBA from IIM with high-quality experience and a track-record of achievements in leading FMCG and retail organizations. He was CEO of a retail business till April 2016. He helps in strategy and organization building.






Operations Leadership: 

The team is a balance of project and solar specialists. There are design, civil and electrical engineers who are well-trained and committed. It is led by Vinayak Kumar who has a degree in engineering from DTU. The senior team is supported by Surya-Mitra and ITI trained technicians who are well-versed in all the challenges of the projects.